to Kings Canyon

Not just large red rocks this time - but a huge hole over 100 metres deep. (perhaps Uluru got scooped out of this hole??)

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DSCN0240 DSCN0241 DSCN0242 DSCN0243 DSCN0244
DSCN0245 DSCN0246 DSCN0247 DSCN0248 DSCN0249
DSCN0250 DSCN0251 DSCN0252 DSCN0253 DSCN0254
DSCN0255 DSCN0256 DSCN0257 DSCN0258 DSCN0259
DSCN0260 DSCN0261 DSCN0262 DSCN0263 DSCN0264
DSCN0265 DSCN0266 DSCN0267 DSCN0268 DSCN0269
DSCN0270 DSCN0271 DSCN0272 DSCN0273 DSCN0274
DSCN0275 DSCN0276 DSCN0277 DSCN0278 DSCN0279
DSCN0280 DSCN0281 DSCN0282 DSCN0283 DSCN0284
DSCN0285 DSCN0286 DSCN0287 DSCN0288 DSCN0289
DSCN0291 DSCN0292 DSCN0293 DSCN0294 DSCN0295
DSCN0296 DSCN0297 DSCN0298 DSCN0299 DSCN0300
DSCN0301 DSCN0302 DSCN0303 27092017405 27092017406
27092017407 27092017408 27092017409 DSCN8744 27092017410
27092017411 27092017412 27092017413 27092017414 27092017415
DSCN8742 DSCN8743 DSCN8745 DSCN8746 DSCN8747
DSCN8748 DSCN8749 DSCN8750 DSCN8751 DSCN8752
DSCN8753 DSCN8754 DSCN8755 DSCN8756 DSCN8757
DSCN8758 DSCN8759 DSCN8760 DSCN8761 DSCN8762
DSCN8763 DSCN8764 DSCN8765 DSCN8766  2220035
 2220037  2220038  2220074 DSCN8767 DSCN8768
DSCN8769 DSCN8770 DSCN8771 DSCN8772